SR Motard 50

The SR Motard is the new supermoto-inspired scooter from Aprilia, designed for riders who want an affordable, practical and reliable scooter without compromising on desirability, style or fun.

The SR Motard 50 is powered by an economical 49 cc 4-stroke motor. It features minimalist motard styling, mid-size wheels for precise handling, a powerful 220 mm front brake disc and a sumptuous two-tone seat with white stitching.

Features a 2-year parts and labour warranty. The Motard is available in white or black paint schemes.

True to its supermoto inspiration, the SR Motard is characterised by aggressive, minimalist and compact styling. Its large and comfortable saddle bears colour-coded red fabric and sporty white stitching, setting the SR Motard apart from every other scooter on the market. The large helmet compartment is big enough for a flip-up helmet. While most scooters feature 12” wheels, the SR Motard boasts gloss black 14" wheels with five double spokes for increased style, presence and handling prowess.


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