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Winter Storage

We see a lot of bikes in the spring that have missed out on the basics of winterization over the fall and winter months. Usually, the cost is high for the owner, much higher than properly maintaining over the winter! It also has a negative effect on the environment as we have to properly dispose of the batteries and old gas.

Here are the basics you can do yourself:

  1. Add a fuel stabilizer and engine oil stabilizer. Add 1 oz  “ethanol compliant” fuel stabilizer to the gas tank and 1 oz oil stabilizer to the oil reservoir (via the dip stick), start the motor and let it run for about 5 minutes to allow the treatment to enter the fuel lines, carburetor or fuel injector. Turn off and store. These stabilizers are blended by “Shellbourne Fuels”, suppliers to Porsche and Ferrari.
  2. Buy a battery tender which emits a slow steady charge to your battery. We sell them.
  3. Purchase a cover. We sell them.

Or, if you do not have the space or time, we can handle this for you.