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Over One Billion Kilometres of Riding Data

Different driving habits, modes of acceleration, and energy consumption all impact our riding. With a collection of nearly one billion kilometres of user riding data, NIU has successfully uncovered the real-city factors that influence our everyday riding habits. Using 150,000 riders in their study sample, NIU created a smart scooter that’s purpose-built for the city.

Bosh Motor

Motor Conversion Rate



Bosch Motor

Through extensive research and analysis, NIU proudly presents a cutting-edge brushless magnet motor. Each component of the UQi-Series’ electric powertrain has been precisely designed to achieve the perfect balance between power and energy efficiency, ensuring that the motor provides sufficient power while reducing power loss.


Field Oriented Control (FOC)

NIU developed its FOC vector controller to communicate with the UQi-Series’ motor. After configuring a sophisticated algorithum, rigorous motor tests, and adjusting the power input, we achieved a smooth acceleration rate of 10% input ≈ 10% output. The FOC is the latest in original, state-of-the-art technology.

Field Oriented Control
UQi Pro scooter


Electronic Braking System (EBS) & Regenerative Braking System

When you hit the brakes on a normal scooter, kinetic energy produced and then wasted. With our EBS, the kinetic energy produced during braking is captured and recycled back into the battery, extending your range by up to 6%.


Cloud ECU

As the intelligent core of the UQi-Series, the Cloud ECU acts like a private scooter analyst, helping you complete the collection, diagnosis, and processing of your driving data. Using the cloud connection after each ride, the data analysis optimizes the intelligent riding experience by learning about your driving habits.

Cloud ECU
Six-Axis Motion Sensor


New Six-Axis Motion Sensor

The UQi-Series’ anti-theft alarm accuracy range has been shortened to only 3 meters thanks to the new MEMS six-axis motion sensor. Using the on-board gyroscope to measure the vehicle’s acceleration and GPS positioning, we are able to more accurately identify an unauthorized movement of your scooter.

The MEMS six-axis is not just an anti-theft tool. It detects all kinds of movements in your scooter. You can even get a notification on your phone if your scooter topples over.


Battery Management System (BMS)


The BMS does more than provide a precise calculation of charge and discharge.


It analyzes the current, voltage, temperature, communications, and 10 other electrical protection mechanisms to ensure that each section of the battery is protected and operating efficiently.

Battery Management System
Keyless Ignition


Keyless Ignition

The UQi-Series is the first NIU scooter to use keyless ignition. The UQi-Series key allows you to remotely unlock your scooter from up to 50 meters away. When you’re ready to ride, simply press the "Niu logo" button on the key to turn your scooter and be on your way.


All New "Naked" Frame

When you first meet the UQi-Series, your eyes are drawn to its external 38mm steel frame. Not only does it look great, but the Q235 steel has excellent torsonial rigidity and low longitudinal stiffness, providing the right balance between carrying capacity and maneuverability.

Naked Frame
daytime Running Lights



Daytime Running Lights

At NIU, safety is top priority. The UQi-Series is equipped with daytime running lights and a 360 degree LED lighting system. Pedestrians and drivers have no problem spotting you when on the road, reducing the likelihood of accidents. The UQi-Series has an all-new external "Halo" headlamp that is first and foremost designed for safety while also being a bit quirky; letting the scooter standout for both its form and function.


NIU Motor Lock

NIU has added one new layer of theft protection, the Niu Motor Lock. The motor lock can be activated if an unauthorized movement of your scooter is made. You can be rest assured that the lock can only be activated when the scooter is in a "parking" mode.

NIU Motor Lock
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