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The Piaggio Group at EICMA 2023

The Piaggio Group, Europe's trailblazing manufacturer, stole the spotlight at EICMA 2023 with a lineup that's set to redefine your riding experience in 2024. And when we talk about scooters, one name resonates—Vespa. It's not just a scooter; it's a lifestyle icon that has evolved over the years, capturing hearts with its rich heritage, timeless design, and cutting-edge technology.

Girl sitting on a Vespa scooter

For the 2024 model-year, Vespa is unveiling the renewed Primavera and Sprint models, breathing new life into these icons. These scooters, rooted in the 1960s, have become symbols of style and innovation. The Primavera, embodying accessibility and style, underwent a redesign in 2013 with the "Small Body" concept. Meanwhile, the Sprint lives up to its name, epitomizing speed, agility, and compact charm. Picture an all-steel body adorned with a new handlebar, grips, leg shield, and wheels, elevating the style to new heights.

2024 promises a technological leap with new materials and enhanced finishings. Imagine brand-new superstructures on the handlebar, redesigned hand grips, and electric controls—all meticulously crafted for functionality. The seat, revamped across various versions, boasts superior finish thanks to cutting-edge materials. The Tech version of Primavera introduces key-less start and TFT instrumentation for seamless control.

New Vespa 2024

Vespa Primavera and Vespa Sprint S are not just scooters; they're a blend of elegance and power. Equipped with ultra-modern Euro 5+ compliant engines, these scooters redefine your riding experience. Electric versions, with removable batteries, usher in a new era of convenience for moped lovers.

But that's not all! Piaggio, a powerhouse in its own right, unveils Liberty, Medley, and Beverly for 2024, offering choices from agile to powerful. The S versions, with an aesthetic update and captivating new Blu Zaffiro blue livery, are set to turn heads. Piaggio 1, the urban e-scooter, steps up its game with increased power, ensuring effective and safe commuting with a touch of style. Safety takes center stage with a solid chassis, high-level rideability, and a technological package that includes digital color instrumentation and a key-less system. Plus, Piaggio 1 boasts a spacious under-seat compartment—an unmatched feature in its category.

Piaggio Liberty S scooter in Blu Zaffiro

Piaggio 1 scooter


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